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Welcome to Cotton Dayz! You’re one stop online shop for all things fashionable, comfortable and affordable. Our journey starts in 2020 during the heat of the Covid Pandemic. Our team recognised that there wasn’t a strong enough offering in the market for women’s clothing made from quality, stunning natural and organic fabrics. Enter stage right, Cotton Dayz (because even in a global crisis, us ladies still need to be looking gorgeous). Our philosophy is centred around helping our customers EMBRACE, EMPOWER and ENJOY! Every woman deserves to feel at their absolute best and we at Cotton Dayz believe that clothing is key to achieve this. We want our community to feel confident in our clothes and embody their individual style. We do this by offering comfortable and chic clothing catered to all body types, quality sustainable fabrics, styling tips and personalised customer service. GO NATURAL It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a woman becomes a certain age, well, we start feeling the heat! Because of this, Cotton Dayz aims to retail garments made from quality, natural and cooling materials. Our fabric mix covers a range of Organic Cottons, Cottons, Rayons and Linen blends – breathable and comfort-focused. Additionally, we are always supporting new sustainable processes to create our fabrics. Not only is our Certified organic cotton we stock not treated with any harmful chemicals or pesticides, it uses 91% less water! Each piece is carefully selected to ensure it provides the gentle and quality feel we want to provide our customers, and we implement sustainable principles where we can. Our garments are chosen to flatter, provide comfort and make you feel your best. Each piece is carefully selected and manufactured with high quality fabrics and processes. We aim to collaborate with brands who share the same love of natural fibres; brands who empower females and design clothes that hold value. We currently stock pieces from an array of reputable Australian-owned brands which perfectly provide for the Cotton Dayz customer; Orientique, Soul Sparrow, Worthier, Willow Tree, One Summer, Caroline Morgan, Escape & many more. We love that our brands provide an inclusive size range and at an affordable price range, aligning with our principle of providing for the everyday customer. As Cotton Dayz grows, so too will our collaboration with exciting local labels.

Nearby Service areas are: East Brisbane, Cannon Hill, Norman Park, Seven Hills, Balmoral, Bulimba, Hawthorne

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