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Degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist using scientifically-based nutritional lifestyle medicine. Taking the time to help discover the root cause of your ongoing health issues, not just treat the symptoms, so you can become the healthiest, happiest version of you.

Focusing on Women’s Health - Clinical Nutrition is a researched and evidence-based health practice, working towards improved prevention, management, and treatment of chronic, complex and lifestyle-related conditions.

You can feel fantastic again!

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed exhausted and just feeling “not right”! You consult numerous doctor’s and specialists who never have the time to get to the bottom of what is causing your health issues.

You’re told “The tests are normal”… You hear people saying “It’s just getting older” or “This is how you feel as you age, just get on with it”. They just don’t get it!

I do “GET IT”, I know this is not what you should feel like for the rest of your life, I have the knowledge, time and focus to see through all the test results, the symptoms, the emotions, the history and put it all together.

I don’t treat symptoms or problems, I treat people.

I specialise in finding the root cause of your health issues, because I believe the greatest health transformations happen when you address the underlying causes, not the symptoms.

I’m a wife and a mother of two girls, I hold a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition), I am a professional Registered Clinical Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of Australia, a member of The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) and The Australian Natural Therapists Association. I have always loved food, cooking and science, I am the nerd who reads research papers for fun!

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